HyperFest 2014

11 June

The AK crew loaded up and headed south to take in some US Drift action. The destination was a little off the beaten path, Summit Point Motorsports Park in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Our route took us down a couple back roads to a track we hadn't visited since 200 Drifter of December. Thankfully it was much warmer than the last visit.

Practice Friday afternoon permitted 35 drivers time to dial in their rides and get acquainted with the 1.12 mile Jefferson Circuit. Qualifying came that same evening with only the top 16 drivers making it to the main on Saturday. The 16 cars took to the track two at a time, tandem style drifting. One car leads and the other gives chase. They then swap lead and do another lap. A three member panel judged line, angle, style and speed of the drifting action. Judges were positioned in the main tower overlooking the track, making their calls after the two runs.

Leading to a final match up of David vs. Goliath proportions, Troy “Squirt” Manners went up against local legend James Evans in his Sikky Racing Nissan JE350Z. The first pass had both cars scored pretty even with a slight edge going the 350Z car. The crowd was on its feet for the second and final run. As they came over the hill towards the first turn everyone including the drives were on edge. Both drivers on it, smoke spewing from their tires, keeping one another in check. Until the setup for the last turn, where Evans straighted out a little to much and caught dirt from the infield. There was a loud gasp from the crowd as everyone knew who had won. Squirt had driven relentlessly, going turn for turn with the big dog, and came out victorious.

When the smoke cleared it was Squirt getting the nod of the judges for first place. The crowd was in total agreement, as the announcement came over the PA system a thundering roar immersed the entire racing complex. It was now time to let loose. Drivers on the Podium followed by a wild and wonderful Daisy Dukes contest and live music. Drift Drivers + Southern Fans = One hell of a party.

After watching an entire weekend of cars drifting, burnouts and stunt riding at Summit Point Motorsports Park. We didn’t want to leave, but knowing that Round 2 is only a month away made it a little easier to pack up and head home.