Round 3 GNCC

30 March

American Kargo is proud to support the sport :: A few words below from Austin Lee the most recent recipient of the AK Top Amateur Award

"North Carolina was muddy on Saturday for the ATVs and Sunday for the morning bikes, but the wind was blowing hard and the sun was out and was starting to dry everything up.  By our race the track was in prime condition.  On the start, I was third going into the woods. I made my way into the lead quickly and then went down twice with the next mile. I gathered myself up and started putting a charge on to get to the front where Mike Witkowski and I hooked up. There was a lot of guys to pass because we started back in the 5th row. It took about two laps to pick them off. When we were going out on the 3rd lap Mike and I had separated from everyone els and started battling hard for the win in 250A and for Top Amateur. The last lap was my fastest lap of the day, I was defiantly going for it. Due to some mechanical troubles that Witkowski had, I was able to put a good gap between us and come away with the American Kargo Top Amateur and the class win."

"The Top Amateur award is a very respectable thing to accomplish. Some of the top guys in xc1 and xc2 have won it in the past. It's been a goal of mine not only to win races, but to have the "Top AM" at the end of the year, maybe I can turn some heads and land a spot on a team for next year."