Redbud National

8 July

Coincidence that our founding fathers made our nations birthday the same day as Redbud, I think not. These wise men were ahead of their time. If you were in attendance at the Promotocross national in Buchanan, Michigan this forth of July weekend, the aforementioned statement makes complete sense to you. For those who weren’t or have never been, you owe it to yourself to start planning now for Redbud 2015.

This small town in Michigan demonstrates how to celebrate two national holidays. Prepare your senses for moto overload, with racing action on all 3 days. Friday was a practice day on the adjusted pro track for Amateurs racing on Sunday. After practice was complete everyone made the short walk over to the night track. Yes, they have a night track. The crowd really gets to see some grass roots racing, from pewee to A classes. The smiles on these kids faces after a moto under the lights is priceless. The event does a great job of not only celebrating pro motocross, but the amateur side of things as well. The racing and party continued well into the night, all a precursor to the pros race on Saturday.

Waking up to a couple D9 dozers and a Magnum tractor discing a freshly groomed and watered track is every moto junkies fantasy. With the sun newly rising and the fog lifting, the Redbud faithful came flowing in. Waking early to claim their spot and set up shop. From the custom school bus with a viewing tower to pickup truck converted into a massive mobile grill, these fans were ready to watch some moto. They lined the fences, waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite riders during the days action.

The main motos were more like MotoGPs in Europe. Air horns and cowbells sounding off when the leaders would pass certain sections of the track. American flags waiving in the air, with the crowd chanting U...S...A! U...S...A! In the end the crowd got to witness some of the best racing so far this season. Ken Roczen proved why he is the current points leader, riding on the edge of perfection all day. Trey Canard, Eli Tomac and Ryan Dungey all battled hard yet could not match the speed of the German Redbull KTM rider. The 250 class saw the return of Jeremy Martin to the top of the podium following his sub par performance at the previous round which he classified as being “asleep at the wheel.” For all you GEICO Honda fans out there Justin Bogle did lead a majority of laps during the early stages of the second moto. However, after “taking a soil sample from Redbud,” he ended the moto in 12th place.

The racing atmosphere at Redbud was easily superior when compared to the other races we have attended this year. It is and always will be a national holiday for the motocross faithful. Mark your calendars for the 2015 edition of Redbud. You need to experience the history, the leap, the fans, the track, the racing, and of course Lot B. Trust us. Redbud!!!