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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I purchase American Kargo products?

American Kargo distributes its products through Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties. These two companies are dedicated to serving their customers and supporting the motorcycle industry. They are wholesale distributors that make American Kargo products available at your local motorcycle dealer or accessory shop. Their websites list local dealers in your area. Most American Kargo items are either available at your local dealer or for immediate overnight shipment from Parts Unlimited or Drag Specialties to your local dealer.

However, all dealers do not carry the complete range of products available on the American Kargo website. We encourage you to purchase our products from your local dealership as they may provide special service and more immediate availability. If the item you desire is not available from your nearby dealer, or if you require additional information, please call us at (310) 761-8151 and a AK customer representative will be glad to assist you.

Many of the items that you might require may also be ordered directly on this website.  All of our products are offered at the prevailing retail price plus shipping and California sales tax for California residents. While most products are available for immediate shipment from our California warehouse, other items may be on back-order in which case a AK customer service representative will promptly notify you to provide the products availability date.

If you have any questions about American Kargo products or where to purchase them, don’t hesitate to contact us at (310) 761-8151.

What’s the best way to wash my gear?

The best way to keep your American Kargo bag looking fresh and clean is with water.  That’s right, your AK bag requires almost no maintenance, other than periodic cleaning with water.  If you discovered a way to get your bag so dirty that water alone isn’t going to cut it, you can scrub the bag with a soft brush, mild soap and water to remove any dirt or residue.  We do not recommend the use of harsh solvents or chemicals to clean your bag as they can break down the materials in your bag and leave it faded.  Once your bag is clean don’t be tempted to place it in a dryer.  Dryers can damage the protective coatings on your bag so we recommend that you hang it up to air dry.

Do your bags come with an owner’s manual?

A detailed PDF manual can be found for your AK gear on the respective product page of our website.  The product specific manual will cover the products key features, functionality, and recommend care instructions.  If after reviewing the manual you still have questions we encourage you to contact our customer support center at (310) 761-8151

How can I get an American Kargo catalog?

American Kargo believes the best way to insure our customers always have the most up to date information about our products in through our website.  For those of you who prefer to shop by catalog please click here to download a pdf version of the latest American Kargo catalog.

Where can I get an American Kargo Sticker?

We appreciate your interest and your support. We would like to extend our thanks, by sending you American Kargo decals at no charge. Your stickers should arrive via US mail in about 4-6 weeks. Sorry, but we can only send free stickers in the USA. Please send a self addressed stamped envelope to the following address. Don’t forget to place a stamp on the return envelope!

Free Stickers
American Kargo
57 Noble Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 1520

I’m a racer, how do I get sponsored by American Kargo?

Every year we receive hundreds of sponsorship requests from riders all over the world.  We are looking for only those riders that excel both on and off the track and are looking to represent American Kargo in a positive manner.

Our Rider Support Staff attends all the major race events, so chances are they will find you if you are a candidate to be a part of Team American Kargo.  If our support staff has somehow missed you then you can always submit a rider/driver resume along with a short overview about yourself to

I have a problem with my product. What is your warranty policy?

American Kargo is 100% committed to creating the best products in the industry and we’re always interested in receiving input from our valued customers. All AK products have a limited lifetime warranty for the original retail purchaser from date of purchase against any defects in materials and workmanship. As riders, we know that our products are subject to severe conditions and stress. We test all of our products in real world applications to ensure our products are built to the highest standards.  If for some reason you experience a problem with one of our products we want to know about it. We kindly request you call our customer support center (310) 761-8151 so that a customer service representative can assist you with returning your product.  For additional details regarding a warranty claim on American Kargo products please visit the warranty section of our website for a complete overview here.

What exactly does limited lifetime warranty mean?

American Kargo makes exceptional products, however, normal wear and tear will eventually cause our bags to age. Our Warranty Department reserves the right to refuse warranty claims on a product that shows signs of abnormal wear.  For a full overview of our warranty policy please visit our warranty page here.

Do I have to pay the shipping costs incurred when sending the damaged product to American Kargo?

American Kargo will pay for the shipping of the replacement bag. The customer is responsible for paying shipping charges when sending the damaged bag back to American Kargo. We ask that you chose a shipping method that provides a tracking number in case your package is lost in transit.

I want to join the American Kargo team. Where do I apply?

Are you hungry and despise losing? Do you always want to go faster and do it better? Do you carry this attitude with you at every level from training to competition? In the classroom? In the boardroom? On the track?

So do we. Good enough is unacceptable. We find a way to make it premium, to do it right, to be the best.

And, we're always hiring top talent. If you feel like you have what it takes to be a part of the team, we want to hear from you. Our expectations are high and we expect yours to be the same. If you've read this far and still want to apply please click here to submit your resume and/or portfolio.

I want to become a dealer. Where do I start?

For more information, please contact our distributor, Parts Unlimited, at the address below:

Phone: 800-369-1000
Parts Unlimited
PO Box 5222
Janesville, WI 53547-5222